[Dataperf] Moving DP from Win 7 to Win 10 - Expanded

Richard Bragonje rbragonj at retiree.wvu.edu
Tue Jan 14 19:21:32 CET 2020

Hi Charlie,

I have never printed from DP. Always sent output to WordPerfect and printed from there. Tim Rude, of DPSpool fame, does all the time, so I'm guessing there is no problem.

My status has changed, as  of 12/31/2019, I am no longer employed at West Virginia University. After 32 years, they offered a buyout, of a years salary in lump sum, and I jumped at it. Now doing the snow-bird routine, between Hatteras Island and West Virginia.

I used Ralph Alvy's dummy report routine to do a total export in .CSV format, pulled the data into Excel. Notated the columns, and left a working system with vDOS for the one db literate guy, so they can see how things link up, but for all practical purposes, DataPerfect is no longer being used at WVU.

I use it all the time at home.

The office machine dealer that I worked for, had Victor as one of his brands. Victor did adding machine, programmable adding machine, electronic cash registers. I think it was in 1986 that Chuck Peddle, creator of the Commodore computer company, was looking for a place to manufacture an distribute his new PC, somewhat modeled on the IBM pc. He bought Victor and produced the Victor 9000 pc. 8088 machine, with two 5 ΒΌ" variable speed drives. We got a couple of them for demos and sales, and I got to play with them. Lotus  1-2-3, and dBase II, and the WordPerfect suite, 4.2 for DOS.

At that time, it was only WP, PlanPerfect, and Library. It wasn't until 1988 when I started at WVU that DP was introduced. As I was tasked with getting our group setup with PCs, and their software, I got site licenses for the WP suite, which could include DP. Version 2.1 I think, as I found the manual for 2.1 when I was cleaning out the office.

One of my retirement projects is to edit and publish the old forum posts from Greg Harness at Washington State (from memory so I could be slightly off). From 1993 I think is the earliest. While editing the first batch, I found a lot of tidbits that were still useful.

Another is to dig into the report that Brian Hancock developed in STE MGR to document a database. Mine stopped working about 4 months ago, after an update, either to Windows, or Firefox. Maybe a change in CSS.

Hope all is well with you,


Profession gymrat and beachbum

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Hi Rich,

Happy New Year!

What about printing DP and other DOS programs from withing vDOS?

Charlie Wolf

On 11/12/2019 1:19 PM, Richard Bragonje wrote:
Hi again,

I had been running Win 7-64bit on my old pc at work. My initial upgrade to Win 7 from XP had the XP Mode application. So most of the time I was running DP in XP Mode. When vDOS made it's appearance, I played around with it in the Win 7 partition. So when I was forced to go to Win 10, I had experience with vDOS. Our IT people backed up my files, and I copied everything back to the new drive.

Then spent 4 or 5 weeks getting most programs  back to running the way I had my main programs before. That was back in April. I still don't have everything back to the way it was.

For DP and vDOS, I didn't have to change a thing. You shouldn't have any problems.


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