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Wed Feb 12 07:02:42 CET 2020

Hi Ed,

You have to remember that while DP is running inside the vDOS file system, DPSpool is running in the Windows file system. That means there needs to be a common folder that both can access in their own way. This folder is where DP should save the print job files, and DPSpool should process the print job files from that folder. Under vDOS, this folder might have a different drive letter and path (as DP sees it) than Windows apps (DPSpool) outside the vDOS shell.

For instance, a Windows folder named C:\Stuff\Sub might be mapped within vDOS as Q:\SUB. So DP would send output to Q:\SUB while DPSpool would monitor C:\Stuff\Sub. Both are accessing the same actual folder but in different ways.

When it comes to accessing other files such as graphic images using DPSpool, the codes must address the file as a Windows app would find it, not how DP inside the vDOS shell would find it. That's why you can use long filenames within the code, even though DP only supports 8.3 filenames, because DPSpool as a Windows app does support long filenames. DP inside vDOS doesn't have to be able to see the graphic file, it just needs to specify the path\filename the way DPSpool as a Windows app will be able to see it.

So, in your example, is t:\CGFdir\colog.jpg a valid path\filename in Windows?

And is the print job file DP is creating going to a folder that DPSpool is monitoring outside of vDOS?


On February 11, 2020 3:46:49 PM CST, "Ed Marfil, MAST UNITED" <edmarfil at mastunited.com> wrote:
>Hi Tim,
>I'm trying to point the printer control code for images to a network
>drive but DP Spool does not see it.
>I'm not sure if it is DPSpool or perhaps using vDOS is the issue.
>Example:  <250>t:\CGFdir\colog.jpg;5.25;0.4;2.5;0.75<250>
>But if I make a directory with the same name and file on drive c: and
>direct printer control code to that drive, then it works fine.
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