[Dataperf] Moving DP from Win 7 to Win 10 - Expanded

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Wed Nov 13 19:35:10 CET 2019

Hi Brendan, Rich and all !

I confirm : DP runs like a charm on *any* Windows system, with minimal  
changes compared to classic Windows/DOS...

I'm using version 2018-04-30 (with only FRAME=ON and WINKEY=OFF options in  
the config.txt file) on Windows 10/64, Windows 7/32 (yes!) and Windows  

I haven't tested the latest version, but I trust it will run just as  
(btw: the above mentioned options are no longer needed in the latest  



On Wed, 13 Nov 2019 10:21:41 +0100, Brendan Magill <brendan at magill.co.uk>  

> Hi Rich and all,
>Thanks very much for your two responses Rich.
>I thought that VDOS probably worked ok with Windows 10 but it’s always  
> best to be sure before jumping.  >Now that I know it’s ok I’ll probably  
> make that leap sometime over Christmas and New Year.
>And yes, I always have at least three backups of my system on hand just  
> in case.  I learned about the >importance of backups many years ago when  
> I started working with mainframe systems way back in 1967 >and it has  
> stuck with me ever since.
>Cheers and thanks again,
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