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Richard Bragonje rbragonj at wvu.edu
Tue May 22 19:37:28 CEST 2018

Hi Gerard,

I have uploaded the manual, in WP and .pdf format. Included are a couple of additional files, with update info. Shared link:



Shared with Dropbox

I use DPMouse with vDos, at home and work, with the 64 bit versions of Win 7. At work, I have the XP virtual machine, so can use DP in the XP instance.

vDos autoexec.txt from my work PC


rem This is essentialy the autoexec.bat of DOS.
rem Only one additional vDos specific command: USE.

rem At startup only z: (bootdisk/command.com) is known by DOS.
rem So first you assign one or more DOS driveletters to Windows directories.
rem Use <driveletter:> <Windows directory>
rem Files/directories that don't confirm to the DOS 8.3 filenaming are hidden (as it should).

rem To just use the vDos working directory as C:
USE C: .\

rem Switch from Z: to C:

rem Select the zzaz directory
CD zzaz

rem Start the DataPerfect Testdrive program.
rem Note this is only to demonstrate and confirm vDos is working.
rem Use [F7] to exit the program.

rem Close the vDos window as DP is closed

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Hi all,

I want to try dpmouse with vDos.
Can someone attach / mail the dpmouse manual and maybe an autoexec.txt example for vDos.

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