[Dataperf] Forced log-out?

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Did you look into closing the files from the host PC using Computer Management? I experimented in our office with opening a DP database from a couple of networked PC's. Then on the host PC, I right-clicked on 'My Computer' and selected Manage. Then I selected 'Shared Folders', and under that 'Open Files'. There I could see the files that the networked users still had open. I selected all of the DP files (i.e., the STR file, the IND file, the TMP files, etc.), right-clicked and selected 'Close Open File'.

That effectively kicked all of the networked users out of the DP database without logging them out of the network altogether. Once the opened files are closed, you can do your backup. I then went to one of the kicked out PC's and DP was still up on the screen. But attempting to do anything with it triggered an error and I had to just exit from it. But then I could reopen it normally with no issues.

I don't know that this is necessarily a bullet-proof method that won't potentially have some data corruption possibilities too. But hopefully, if a user has simply left DP open when they went home from work, they weren't in the middle of some transaction. It might be a good idea to do some experimenting with a dummy database to try to trigger data corruption by closing opened files at various stages of data entry and see if it can happen.

If the method works reliably enough, I'm pretty sure there's probably a batch-file or PowerShell way to do the same thing - making it possible to close all of the pertinent open files with a single click. I'm not saying I've got a script to do that - just that I think it can be done. :)

Tim Rude

On 6/20/2018 12:09 PM, Ed Marfil, MAST UNITED wrote:
Yup, I did notice that as it did happen to me once (corrupted database due to I suppose we can call it incomplete transactions).  We have users on travel abroad in different time zones that may be logged in at any time. Thus, I only use the export to log function as it won’t let me back up if someone is still logged in and potentially still updating data.  Usually though they are on their laptops in another program but still have the DP database open in the background (for lookup).
Anyway, after hearing from the experts here it doesn’t seem like there is a direct way to kick them out from just the DP application.  Maybe I will enforce what Tim suggested (penalizing the offenders) just probably not in fines as that might bring about an EDD or Labor board dispute.

Thanks all for the suggestions.

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Be careful when making a copy of all the database files, at least while there is a chance someone is making changes in DP. At WP one development group made nightly copies of their issues database (because they were afraid of losing things) but when they tried restoring from the copies, there was corruption (so their fear actually was realized by their actions). This led to us writing the backup utility, which gets around this some way (I don't remember the details).

The problem comes when say, 1) a user has added a detail record to panel one, then 2) your copy is done, then 3) keep-a-total modifies a record in panel two. Problem: your copy now has an incorrect total.

On Tue, Jun 19, 2018 at 11:20 AM, <DP at debaets.be<mailto:DP at debaets.be>> wrote:
Hi all,

I used to make fully automised daily backups of several DP POS-systems, 'avoiding' the problem of logged-in users by making a *copy* of the DataBase-files in a temporary folder first, and then backing up that temporary folder and delete it afterwards.

No need to log-off users, copying the files will work anyhow...

:) Geert

On Tue, 19 Jun 2018 18:59:20 +0200, Tim Rude <timrude at hotmail.com<mailto:timrude at hotmail.com>> wrote:

Another idea:

On the machine that hosts the database files, use Computer Management to close the open database files that errant users have left open. It won't actually shut down DP on their computer, but when they come back and try to use it they'll get an error message and have to exit. They can then re-run DP and be back to normal.

Tim Rude
On 6/19/2018 10:49 AM, Ed Marfil, MAST UNITED wrote:
Hello Peter,

Thank you for the reply.  Interesting that you use it for transport management. I use it for the same; inventory and shipping management.

Anyway, I was hoping I could disconnect the user solely from the DP application or database but not from the server.

Currently I have to remote log-in to the suspect station and properly log it out.  Unfortunately sometimes there are multiple suspects.



PS:  please know that I feel bad that NL is not in this cup.  Just doesn’t seem right without them and Italy.

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Hi Ed,

It happens to me quit often with approx 40 users working every day in our transport management application.
We work on a window server with terminal servers

I work as follow:

-          Remove all *.tmp files (3 per user)

-          Some of them remain because of incorrect log-out

-          I get the names of those users from the files attributes

-          Next step is to log out those users from the server

-          Final step to remove the remaining *.tmp files



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I back up my DP database regularly at off hours when it is supposed to be inactive.  However, there are times when it fails because a user forgot to log-out of the database.
I was wondering if there is a way to forcibly eject users from the database.



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