[Dataperf] Different lookup fields for a single data link?

Dave Britten davidbrit2 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 02:07:08 CEST 2018

Hey Tim,

I often have to resort to that in some situations (especially when 
linking on a surrogate key, rather than a composite key). In this 
particular case, I was able to create TWO data links, one on Title then 
ID, and the other on ID then Title. I set their corresponding target 
fields to Title and ID respectively. Then depending on which field 
you're linking from, you get the corresponding lookup. This worked okay 
in this database, though I recall this technique being problematic in 
the context of subgroup lookups (i.e. where the link field is not the 
first field in the link's key field list), and isn't really an option 
when using a single surrogate key field (numeric record ID).

It would be nice if it were possible to press Up to start linking a 
record, then just tab around the panel that opens to search from a 
different field/lookup. That would be a good feature to add in version 
3.0 if DP ever goes open source. ;)

-Dave Britten

On 7/7/2018 1:16 PM, Tim Rude wrote:
> Why not have the link always lookup based on ID? If you've got the 
> cartridge in hand, presumably the ID is readily available from the 
> sticker, making the ID the common denominator of what's always 
> available when posting the invoice entries.
> On July 7, 2018 11:55:58 AM CDT, Dave Britten <davidbrit2 at gmail.com> 
> wrote:
>     Greetings all,
>     I've been racking my brain for a clean way to handle this for the few years I've been using DP. I've got a database I use for selling old video games at garage sales and flea markets. It's only got 7 panels, and just three of those are relevant for this question.
>     There's a panel for the actual games, with fields such as title (not necessarily unique - I may have multiple copies) and ID (a short 2-6 character sticker code that is unique per cartridge).
>     There's an invoice panel that acts as the invoice header: invoice no., total price, etc.
>     Then there's an invoice lines panel. This has an invoice no. field that links the lines to an invoice, and also title and ID fields that correspond to the Games panel via a multi-field data link.
>     Right now the invoice lines panel is set up to link on title then ID, meaning if I create a new line item and press up to choose a game, I have to use the lookup that's defined based on title. But sometimes I (or my wife) might just scribble the sticker code on the receipt if pressed for time. I'd like to be able to select either field in the data link and do a lookup based on the chosen field, so I don't have to first manually go back and find the title based on ID via other means.
>     I also have some keep-a-total fields in play to automatically set a "sold" field on the Games panel record when a game is linked to an invoice line, and also update the total for the invoice header.
>     Is there a simple way to have a choice of lookups like that? I recall experimenting with this in the past and not having much success. (That may have been with more complex many-to-many scenarios, though. Invoice-line-to-game is zero-or-one-to-one.)
>     -Dave Britten
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