[Dataperf] V.Dos Copy/Paste Win+Control+C/V Shortcuts Stopped Working

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Thu Jan 11 22:46:17 CET 2018

Hi Chris, Tony and others,

simply add (or un-rem) WINKEY = OFF to your vDos config.txt file.
Control+C/V shortcuts will work as before (i.e.: *without* the Win-key).

My own config.txt has only three lines:

Works like a charm :)



On Thu, 11 Jan 2018 21:09:17 +0100, Chris Pedersen  
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> Just as an aside.. a lot of people have been having update 1709 fail,  
> with no updates from Microsoft yet.It did not work on my laptop, and  
> despite 10 hours with microsoft no closer to making it work.
> Chris
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> Subject: [Dataperf] V.Dos Copy/Paste Win+Control+C/V Shortcuts Stopped  
> WorkingHi Everyone,
>My Windows 10 Pro -64 computer has just updated to version 1709  
> overnight and my  Copy/Paste Win+Control+C/>V Shortcuts have stopped  
> working.
>However, this functionality is still fine when moving the cursor over  
> the VDos top line, right-clicking and choosing >either Copy/Paste  
> shortcut.
>Is anyone experiencing this behaviour after their Win10 latest update? 
> Regards,

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