[Dataperf] V.Dos Copy/Paste Win+Control+C/V Shortcuts Stopped Working

Chris Pedersen chrispedersen at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 11 21:09:17 CET 2018

Just as an aside.. a lot of people have been having update 1709 fail, with no updates from Microsoft yet.
It did not work on my laptop, and despite 10 hours with microsoft no closer to making it work.


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Subject: [Dataperf] V.Dos Copy/Paste Win+Control+C/V Shortcuts Stopped Working

Hi Everyone,

My Windows 10 Pro -64 computer has just updated to version 1709 overnight and my  Copy/Paste Win+Control+C/V Shortcuts have stopped working.

However, this functionality is still fine when moving the cursor over the VDos top line, right-clicking and choosing either Copy/Paste shortcut.

Is anyone experiencing this behaviour after their Win10 latest update?



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