[Dataperf] Totals per year

Michael Iannantuoni michael at trunktree.plus.com
Thu Aug 23 10:35:47 CEST 2018

The first method works a treat.

Thanks Tim,


On 22/08/2018 20:26, Tim Rude wrote:
> 2 methods come to mind:
> (1) Add a hidden G9999::H (not ::C) field to your sales panel which
> holds only the year. Your formula on this field (auto-calculated on any
> change) will be 'year[PxFx]' where PxFx is the field number for your
> sales date.
> (Note: If you already have data in this panel, you'll need to export it
> out, empty the panel, add the new field with the formula, and then
> import the panel data back in.)
> Then you can do a 2-level report based on this field to sort your sales
> by year, using a report variable that's reset to 0 in each 2-level
> header, increased by the sale amount in the report body, and outputs the
> total in the 2-level footer.
> --- OR ---
> (2) To do it without modifying the database structure: Create a report
> that goes through the sales panel records in date order. Designate a
> report variable (say RV1) to hold the year being processed. Designate
> another report variable (say RV2) to hold the total for each year. Start
> the report with RV1=0 and RV2=0. When processing each entry in the
> report body, have a formula check to see if year[PxFx] = rv1. If it
> does, add the sale for this record to RV2 and continue. Otherwise, use a
> virtual subreport linked to only the current record to print the total
> for RV2, reset RV2 back to 0, update RV1 to the new year, and print the
> new year heading.
> Tim Rude
> To me, the first method is better (even though it means tweaking the
> structure) because it's more straight-forward. But the second method is
> also workable, if slightly more convoluted.
> On 8/22/2018 12:19 PM, Michael Iannantuoni wrote:
>> Although I still use DataPerfect regularly, I am using databases I
>> created a while ago so am rusty on doing new things!
>> I am trying to do something which I think should be very easy but am
>> stumped.
>> I have a sales panel containing an item description and a sales date.
>> I wish to write a report that will give me total sales for each year.
>> Any help greatly appreciated.
>> Michael
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