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Mon Sep 11 19:53:20 CEST 2017

Hi Michael,

Sorry for the late response.

You're collating a lot of data so that won't be a simple report. I see at least a couple of virtual subreports and a couple of nested two-level reports to tease it into shape.

I think you're also going to need two additional fields in your panel. A G99 field for the month, and a G9999 field for the year. They can be hidden fields, but they must be real (i.e. not ::C fields). They need to update on any change based on the Date field. You'll likely also need another index or two on that panel.

One of your two-level reports will sort on the Month field, and the nested two-level report will sub-sort on the Year.

This is do-able but would take some work.

Tim Rude

On 9/6/2017 11:58 AM, Michael Iannantuoni wrote:
Apologies if this gets duplicated but I can never remember which address to post queries to.

Similarly, since I don't write new databases or reports very often, I am struggling with what might be a simple report.

I have a panel containing the fields Venue, Date(UK format), Amount Made & a text field showing Month/Year (eg 09/2017).

I want to produce a report that will prompt for a Venue but only require part of the Venue name which can be matched with the full name and then, for that Venue, list as follows:

Venue name


Year(eg 2013) - Amount Made

Year (eg 2014) - Amount Made




Year(eg 2013) - Amount Made

Year (eg 2014) - Amount Made




Any help gratefully received.

Michael Iannantuoni

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