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Tim Rude timrude at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 27 14:33:00 CET 2017

If you want your report to include all items, even those with zero sold, do the count in the subreport using a report variable rather than the 'Number of Records in Report' function. Just before starting the subreport, initialize the RV to zero. Then in the body of the subreport, add 1 to the RV on each iteration. After the subreport, print your RV value.

If you want to skip items with zero sold, leave your report as is but move the printing of the item description into the subreport's Final Footer. Since the subreport's Final Footer only runs if the subreport processed some records, items with zero sold will just be skipped entirely.

Tim Rude

On November 27, 2017 6:03:22 AM CST, Michael Iannantuoni <michael at trunktree.plus.com> wrote:

I am running a simple report to show the number sold of each item in my

In the main report, I have the item description and then a subreport.

The subreport is empty other than for a 'Number of Records in Report' in
its Final Footer.

The report mostly works fine showing Item & number sold on the same line
which is what I want:

Item1  34

Item2  46

Item3  102


The problem arises when there have been no sales of an item. Instead of
showing Item & zero, I get no number but the next Item on the same line:

Item4  67

Item5Item6 43

Item7 23


Any ideas please?



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