[Dataperf] Number of records

Michael Iannantuoni michael at trunktree.plus.com
Mon Nov 27 13:03:22 CET 2017

I am running a simple report to show the number sold of each item in my 

In the main report, I have the item description and then a subreport.

The subreport is empty other than for a 'Number of Records in Report' in 
its Final Footer.

The report mostly works fine showing Item & number sold on the same line 
which is what I want:

Item1  34

Item2  46

Item3  102


The problem arises when there have been no sales of an item. Instead of 
showing Item & zero, I get no number but the next Item on the same line:

Item4  67

Item5Item6 43

Item7 23


Any ideas please?


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