[Dataperf] Recompute a field when a selection is made in a data-linked field?

Ralph Alvy ralph at ralphalvy.com
Mon Jul 17 02:04:33 CEST 2017


Think of it as working DURING Create, instead of ON Create.


On July 16, 2017 10:25:22 AM Tim Rude <timrude at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Dave,
> Yes, I believe that's intentional behavior. It's always worked like that
> as I recall.
> Sounds like you've got your simple solution. :)
> Tim Rude
> On 7/16/2017 9:37 AM, Dave Britten wrote:
>> Thanks Tim. That exact approach had crossed my mind, and I think it would 
>> work in most cases, but there's always a catch. If I want to do some kind 
>> of special promotion like "Buy 3 get 1 free", then I wouldn't be able to 
>> set a $0 price on the items that were free due to the promotion.
>> I've been playing around with DP this morning (a rather pleasant way to 
>> spend a quiet morning at our camp site), and I've found a rather 
>> interesting DP behavior that I'd like to confirm is intentional, or whether 
>> I've discovered some kind of bug/unintentional feature. In short, 
>> "Automatically computed when record is created" seems to have functionality 
>> beyond what the name suggests.
>> I made a test database with two panels: ITEMS.DAT and SALES.DAT. The Items 
>> panel has two fields:
>> P2F1 - A20 - Item
>> P2F2 - G$ZZ9.99 - Price
>> There is one index on the Item field.
>> The Sales panel has four fields:
>> P3F1 - A20 - Item
>> P3F2 - G$ZZ9.99 - Sell Price
>> P3F3 - GZZ9::I - Sale ID
>> There is one index on the Sale ID field, and Item is a data link back to 
>> the Item field in the Items panel.
>> The Sell Price field is computed as simply "P3F1P2F2", i.e. the Price field 
>> from the Items panel. This field is set to "Automatically computed when 
>> record is created". You would think that the field would only be computed 
>> when pressing F9 to create a record, but it actually recomputes any time 
>> you select a new linked record for the Item field, you are in CREATE mode, 
>> and you have not made any changes to the Sell Price field manually. You may 
>> reselect a linked Item as much as you want, and the price will update 
>> automatically, but as soon as you manually enter a value Sell Price, it 
>> stops updating automatically. Also, in EDIT mode, the field does not update 
>> automatically at all. In other words, that's pretty much exactly what I 
>> want it to do.
>> Before I rely on this too heavily, can anybody confirm that this is 
>> intended (but seemingly undocumented) behavior? I don't believe I've seen 
>> it mentioned anywhere in either the DP manual, or "Mastering DataPerfect".
>> -Dave Britten
>>> On Jul 8, 2017, at 9:54 AM, Tim Rude <timrude at hotmail.com> wrote:
>>> You don't need a hidden field on the Invoice Line Item panel to hold the
>>> desired price since that info is readily available through the item link.
>>> Simply set the formula on your 'selling price' field in the Invoice Line
>>> Item panel to: IF [selling price] = 0 THEN [desired price through the
>>> item link] else [selling price] ENDIF
>>> Set the 'selling price' field to update on any change. That way when you
>>> first create the Invoice Line Item record, because the 'selling price'
>>> is initially zero it auto-updates to the 'desired price'. But then you
>>> can adjust it to whatever you want (except zero) and it will stick.
>>> Tim Rude
>>>> On 7/7/2017 1:00 PM, Dave Britten wrote:
>>>> Greetings all,
>>>> I've been banging my head against this one for a couple hours now, but a 
>>>> lot of reading and experimenting with formula tricks hasn't gotten me anywhere.
>>>> Short version: How do I make a field on a panel refresh itself with a value 
>>>> from another related panel whenever the selected value in the data-linked 
>>>> field changes? This field should NOT be part of the data link key, i.e. I 
>>>> should be able to change it afterwards without breaking the link.
>>>> Longer version:
>>>> I'm making a small sales database for selling some stuff at a flea market 
>>>> later this summer. The issue here involves three panels: items, invoices, 
>>>> and invoice lines. The items panel has a price field, where I store the 
>>>> sticker price of the item. The invoices panel has a panel link to the 
>>>> invoice lines panel. The invoice lines panel has an item field, which has a 
>>>> data link back to the items panel, allowing for selecting an item. The 
>>>> invoice lines panel also has its own price field, because I may sell an 
>>>> item for a price other than what I had marked it (it's a flea market, after 
>>>> all).
>>>> What I'd like to have happen is when I press F5 on the invoice panel link 
>>>> to create an invoice line item, the invoice line's price field gets 
>>>> automatically filled when I select a record in the item field using the up 
>>>> arrow. But I need the price on the invoice line to be updatable, and I 
>>>> don't want the change to cascade back to the items panel or sever the link.
>>>> I tried adding a second field (which would eventually be hidden) to the 
>>>> invoice lines called "Selected Price", set to calculate as the sticker 
>>>> price of the selected item at any change. Then I had the main invoice line 
>>>> price field calculate something like this:
>>>> IF [Selected Price] <> [Price Field In Items Panel] THEN [Price Field In 
>>>> Items Panel] ELSE [Price] ENDIF
>>>> That didn't seem to get my anywhere, as I haven't found a way to convince 
>>>> DP to compute that field BEFORE computing the value for the "Selected 
>>>> Price" field.
>>>> Any ideas? Thanks.
>>>> -Dave Britten
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