[Dataperf] V.Dos Copy/Paste Win+Control+C/V Shortcuts Stopped Working

Gerard van Loenhout gvanloenhout at gmail.com
Wed Dec 13 10:41:27 CET 2017

Hi Tony,

I didn't even know that feature existed. I always copy by using Win+Control
+ selecting the text with the mouse.

As for the 'discussion' about the reporting speed in vDos; I use XP under
VMware if I have to make big reports.
For the newbies in vDos, I have attached my config.txt and autoexec.txt
V is on my network
We have 10 people in the office working simulteanously in our database (212
mb) over the network. 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

And DP has never looked more beautiful than it does under vDos. Thanks Jos!


2017-12-13 9:53 GMT+01:00 Tony <alozano at ugr.es>:

> Hi Everyone,
> My Windows 10 Pro -64 computer has just updated to version 1709 overnight
> and my  Copy/Paste Win+Control+C/V Shortcuts have stopped working.
> However, this functionality is still fine when moving the cursor over the
> VDos top line, right-clicking and choosing either Copy/Paste shortcut.
> Is anyone experiencing this behaviour after their Win10 latest update?
> Regards,
> Tony
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use c: c:\
use v: v:\db
cd \vdos
dp v:\invision
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window = 30,550:50
frame = on

rem LPT1-9 and COM1-9 ports are available for printing, Word or PDF document or mail.
rem The shareware program DOSPrinter handles printeroutput.
rem If nothing is defined for a port, a printerselection dialog is shown when this port is used by a program.
rem Some examples if you want more, see DOSPrinter.doc for full documentation:
LPT1 = /SEL2 /CPIA /LEFT0.50 /TOP0.50
LPT2 = /SEL2 /CPIA /LEFT0.50 /TOP0.50
LPT3 = /SEL'Bullzip PDF printer' /CPIA /LEFT0.50 /TOP0.50
COM1 = /SEL /F'arial' /CPIA /LEFT0.50 /TOP0.50
rem COM2 = /SEL /SEL2 /RTF /CPIA /LEFT0.50 /TOP0.50 /65
rem Save the output to some file:
rem LPT2 = d:\PrFile\spool.txt
rem Just ignore the output:
rem LPT3 = dummy

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