[Dataperf] Your Experiences with DP and Windows 10

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Vdos was just too slow for me!!!

So slow.... I mention this twice.

Some of my windows 10 32 bit perform faster than the xp's.

Also for long reports if no one else is using the server is a fast or faster as xp.

If others are accessing the server at same time it is about 20-30% slower than with xp  but even xp's are about 5 times slower when accessing a database used by a few others.

My database uses about 3/4 geg and has over 1 million records.

For reports when the database is in heavy use I simply copy the database to my local machine (takes less than 2 minutes) and the report runs faster than ever on my windows 10 32 bit machine!!

That being said most complicated reports take about 3 minutes (billing aspect which goes through all owing patients assesses interest charges creates and invoice to charge this fee totals to new balance the gives itemized statement of all changes since last billing this is saved to a file is connected to a "merge" word document so I can email these invoices in outlook.

Most reports take 20-30 seconds.

Best Regards, Mark
P.S. It took me several months to figure out how to install the 32 bit version on any machine and get it working as good as or better than WinXp.

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On new computers you that are purchased with an existing 64 bit windows system you will need to tweek the BIOS as well. The secure boot must be disabled (to be allowed to install from cd,dvd,usb, whatever) as well as EUFI mode. legacy mode must be enabled. On old computers these are not issues. Also I can't remember the order but you must reboot saving bios after 1 of the above named changes to be allowed to make one of the other changes. I can't remember which. I have done this for about 20 computers and several different CMOS/BIOS's.

Best Regards, Mark

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I agree that installing the 32-bit version of Windows 10 works best for DOS apps like DP. However, I've not found that I needed to do any cmos/bios tweaking.

A few things about 32-bit Windows 10:

(1) To go from 64-bit to 32-bit, you will have to completely wipe the existing Windows installation and install 32-bit from scratch.

(2) You can use the same exact Windows activation key for either 64-bit or 32-bit. So if you computer has Windows 10 64-bit on it and you wipe it and install 32-bit on it, you don't have to buy a new license. It will auto-activate.

(3) You're limited to how much RAM the computer can make use of with 32-bit. There's no point in having more than 4GB of RAM installed because 32-bit Windows won't touch more than that. Depending on the RAM size of your video adapter, the amount of usable RAM under 32-bit Windows may be only 3.3 - 3.5GB or even less.

I've also found that if you use DP in conjunction with DPSpool using a batchfile or cmdfile that loads DPSpool, then runs DP, then unloads DPSpool when DP exits, you have to use the CMD legacy console. If not, NTVDM will crash. This isn't specifically a DPSpool thing or a DP thing. I've found that if you run any 32-bit app in a batchfile prior to running a 16-bit DOS app in the same batchfile, it makes NTVDM unhappy when running under the new CMD console.

To change to the legacy console, you can either check the box on the Options tab of your shortcut to your batchfile/cmdfile, or simply open a CMD window, right-click on the icon in the top-left of the titlebar, select Properties, and then select the 'Use legacy console' box on the Options tab there. Once you set that option, it applies to all CMD windows.

Tim Rude

On 12/10/2017 7:58 AM, Mark Nepon wrote:

Hi All

Install windows 10 32 bit version. (you'll need to make some cmos/bios changes)

Works as good as XP opening similar cmd window you will be prompted to install a program when trying to run dp the first time. Do so.

I use both Linux and WinXP as servers.

Both good but xp can only handle about 10 computers.

ubuntu desktop sharing drive c (which is a directory names C on root)

acts just like xp but way more computers.

I was unable to install old HP printers onto it so I also use xp server for printing,

Best Regards, Mark

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Hi Everybody,

What have you experienced using DataPerfect with Windows 10 on a PC?  I'm still using Windows XP Professional due to three irreplaceable, mission critical DOS programs, DP being one of them.

However, I must upgrade, so I will be grateful for any observations, tips, or watch-out-fors that you can share.


Charlie Wolf

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