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Hey Don

Yes, still in Florida.  Funning to think that when last we really talked – your boys were little.

Even funnier – I posted about Vdos here several years ago – and completely forgot I had.

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Chris - VDOS is a very handy and dependable "front end" tool to use DP in a Windows environment. Easy to setup and configure once you've done it once or twice, really allows a better visual image on the screen and keeping reports accessible from Windows or DOS. Takes up very little overhead. The downside is that despite some improvements in this area, it is very slow to import data and run longer reports. For a quick posting and even a short report it's fine, but most of my work is with large databases and the differences are stunning. I don't have my stats handy but when I'm importing 500K voters it could take an hour running under Win10 32-bit command prompt, a full day running under VDOS. It's that dramatic.

I know so little about underlying programming that my assumption is however Lew and Forth managed memory and buffering transactions has some serious conflict with VDOS and other DOS boxes I've tried. Whatever, I run a couple of 32-bit machines just for that purpose. We use VDOS to actually post transactions (generally voter contacts, etc.). Most people who end up working on this data during an election cycle never see anything except VDOS.

Hope all is well with you. Still in Florida?


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On Thu, Aug 3, 2017 at 1:54 PM, Chris Pedersen <chrispedersen at hotmail.com<mailto:chrispedersen at hotmail.com>> wrote:

Hey guys.  Has Vdos and Vdos plus been discussed here?

Based on DosBox, they offer the ability to print to windows GDI printers, scaleable dos windows.   Might be worth a look.

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Think of it as working DURING Create, instead of ON Create.


On July 16, 2017 10:25:22 AM Tim Rude <timrude at hotmail.com<mailto:timrude at hotmail.com>> wrote:

> Dave,
> Yes, I believe that's intentional behavior. It's always worked like that
> as I recall.
> Sounds like you've got your simple solution. :)
> Tim Rude
> On 7/16/2017 9:37 AM, Dave Britten wrote:
>> Thanks Tim. That exact approach had crossed my mind, and I think it would
>> work in most cases, but there's always a catch. If I want to do some kind
>> of special promotion like "Buy 3 get 1 free", then I wouldn't be able to
>> set a $0 price on the items that were free due to the promotion.
>> I've been playing around with DP this morning (a rather pleasant way to
>> spend a quiet morning at our camp site), and I've found a rather
>> interesting DP behavior that I'd like to confirm is intentional, or whether
>> I've discovered some kind of bug/unintentional feature. In short,
>> "Automatically computed when record is created" seems to have functionality
>> beyond what the name suggests.
>> I made a test database with two panels: ITEMS.DAT and SALES.DAT. The Items
>> panel has two fields:
>> P2F1 - A20 - Item
>> P2F2 - G$ZZ9.99 - Price
>> There is one index on the Item field.
>> The Sales panel has four fields:
>> P3F1 - A20 - Item
>> P3F2 - G$ZZ9.99 - Sell Price
>> P3F3 - GZZ9::I - Sale ID
>> There is one index on the Sale ID field, and Item is a data link back to
>> the Item field in the Items panel.
>> The Sell Price field is computed as simply "P3F1P2F2", i.e. the Price field
>> from the Items panel. This field is set to "Automatically computed when
>> record is created". You would think that the field would only be computed
>> when pressing F9 to create a record, but it actually recomputes any time
>> you select a new linked record for the Item field, you are in CREATE mode,
>> and you have not made any changes to the Sell Price field manually. You may
>> reselect a linked Item as much as you want, and the price will update
>> automatically, but as soon as you manually enter a value Sell Price, it
>> stops updating automatically. Also, in EDIT mode, the field does not update
>> automatically at all. In other words, that's pretty much exactly what I
>> want it to do.
>> Before I rely on this too heavily, can anybody confirm that this is
>> intended (but seemingly undocumented) behavior? I don't believe I've seen
>> it mentioned anywhere in either the DP manual, or "Mastering DataPerfect".
>> -Dave Britten
>>> On Jul 8, 2017, at 9:54 AM, Tim Rude <timrude at hotmail.com<mailto:timrude at hotmail.com>> wrote:
>>> You don't need a hidden field on the Invoice Line Item panel to hold the
>>> desired price since that info is readily available through the item link.
>>> Simply set the formula on your 'selling price' field in the Invoice Line
>>> Item panel to: IF [selling price] = 0 THEN [desired price through the
>>> item link] else [selling price] ENDIF
>>> Set the 'selling price' field to update on any change. That way when you
>>> first create the Invoice Line Item record, because the 'selling price'
>>> is initially zero it auto-updates to the 'desired price'. But then you
>>> can adjust it to whatever you want (except zero) and it will stick.
>>> Tim Rude
>>>> On 7/7/2017 1:00 PM, Dave Britten wrote:
>>>> Greetings all,
>>>> I've been banging my head against this one for a couple hours now, but a
>>>> lot of reading and experimenting with formula tricks hasn't gotten me anywhere.
>>>> Short version: How do I make a field on a panel refresh itself with a value
>>>> from another related panel whenever the selected value in the data-linked
>>>> field changes? This field should NOT be part of the data link key, i.e. I
>>>> should be able to change it afterwards without breaking the link.
>>>> Longer version:
>>>> I'm making a small sales database for selling some stuff at a flea market
>>>> later this summer. The issue here involves three panels: items, invoices,
>>>> and invoice lines. The items panel has a price field, where I store the
>>>> sticker price of the item. The invoices panel has a panel link to the
>>>> invoice lines panel. The invoice lines panel has an item field, which has a
>>>> data link back to the items panel, allowing for selecting an item. The
>>>> invoice lines panel also has its own price field, because I may sell an
>>>> item for a price other than what I had marked it (it's a flea market, after
>>>> all).
>>>> What I'd like to have happen is when I press F5 on the invoice panel link
>>>> to create an invoice line item, the invoice line's price field gets
>>>> automatically filled when I select a record in the item field using the up
>>>> arrow. But I need the price on the invoice line to be updatable, and I
>>>> don't want the change to cascade back to the items panel or sever the link.
>>>> I tried adding a second field (which would eventually be hidden) to the
>>>> invoice lines called "Selected Price", set to calculate as the sticker
>>>> price of the selected item at any change. Then I had the main invoice line
>>>> price field calculate something like this:
>>>> IF [Selected Price] <> [Price Field In Items Panel] THEN [Price Field In
>>>> Items Panel] ELSE [Price] ENDIF
>>>> That didn't seem to get my anywhere, as I haven't found a way to convince
>>>> DP to compute that field BEFORE computing the value for the "Selected
>>>> Price" field.
>>>> Any ideas? Thanks.
>>>> -Dave Britten
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