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Chris Pedersen chrispedersen at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 3 20:43:03 CEST 2017

All  WP products had the ability to run from the WPshell, and exchange data via the clipboard
Data Perfect has these abilities, via the import field and import record commands.

These functions iirc were implimented via temporary files  Ie, when you copied text to the clipboard it created a file ~1234567.tmp.


Second subject:

People have used dp to drive web sites.  More or less, they run dp in a loop.  Load dp importing a transaction file, exit dp, go back into the loop.

If Lew could be interested,   I would propose the following:
\TransIn Directory under dp.
\TransOut Directory under dp.

Have dp constantly monitor the TransIn directory for transaction logs.  If a file is found, import it as per a standard dp transaction log

Secondly, have one new on record edit option.   On edit/save run a report.  This would be like any other report generated from the menu or report list.   The user would be expected to put it in the \TransOut directory.

This ability to import and export files real time, is really all thats necessary to turn DP into a stable, robust webserver.

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