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You lost me here, Tim. Over my pay grade. Couldn't you set up a network
location to save the text files that would be common?

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On Mon, Apr 24, 2017 at 5:50 PM, Tim Rude <timrude at hotmail.com> wrote:

> I need DP to be able to create a text file on the user's desktop. Sounds
> simple enough, but the folder that actually appears as the desktop is
> different for every user. For user TRR, the folder (on Win7) is
> C:\Users\TRR\Desktop, but for user JoeBob the folder is
> C:\Users\JoeBob\Desktop. I didn't see any way inside of DP to determine
> the correct folder, and DP doesn't translate environment variables (so
> asking DP to output to %USERPROFILE%\Desktop doesn't work).
> I'm presently using the /SID=sessionID command line with DP. I always
> the start the database from a batch file, so I made the command-line in
> the batch file this:
>      DP.EXE database.str /SID=%USERPROFILE%
> Now inside my DP reports, I can access the passed SID value as
> user.field[0]. This is valid even if the database has no UserID panel
> defined.
> So, to output a text file on the user's desktop, I configure the report
> to initially output to C:\NUL. Then at the very beginning of the report
> I have the following:
> ---Store Value in Report Variable 250 ---
>      cat.t[user.field[0];"\Desktop\output.txt"]
> ---Turn File Off---
> ---Begin Writing to Filename in Report Variable 250 ---
> ---Turn File On---
> This works fine as long as all parts of the desktop path fit the 8.3
> specs. But for XP there are spaces in the %USERPROFILE% so it's a no-go
> for XP. And if a username had spaces in it (is that allowed?) or was
> longer than 8 chars, it won't work under any OS. Anybody know a quick
> way to (inside a batch file) convert a long path to a short (8.3) one?
> One other idea that I've floated around is to include this in the batch
> file:
> subst /d Q: > nul
> subst Q: "%userprofile%/Desktop"
> DP.EXE database.str
> subst /d Q: > nul
> Then in my DP reports, I simply output to Q:\output.txt. That seems to
> get around the 8.3 issues for DP nicely, but is a bit messier since its
> effects aren't contained to the database (i.e. the user sees a drive Q:
> in My Computer while the database is running, and what happens if the
> user already has Q: mapped to something...).
> One other thing of note is that the database does not run under Shell,
> so no shell/macro-based solutions are viable.
> Any better suggestions or ideas?
> Tim Rude
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